Big news:

In 2018, Speak Up Productions celebrated a decade in business. Since our creation, we have traveled the world and dived into our own city to explore social issues and the ability everyone has to make a difference. From the beginning of our journey making feature length documentaries, organizations and companies saw the potential we had to help tell their story as an invitation to people to join them in making an impact. It has been a pleasure working with so many great organizations over the years and telling so many powerful stories.

However, the ten years of being in business haven’t gone without confusion. Some people only knew of our documentaries and had no idea the bulk of our work was with clients. Others were unaware that we even made documentaries, and upon visiting our website were very confused when seeing a documentary about grown adults playing with Nerf guns

And to be very transparent, when you’re young and single it is much easier to travel the world living on $1.25/day. With 3 kids (2 under 2) and a mortgage, there is all the more need for me to help create a growing business that allows me to use my talents while also helping to provide for my family alongside my supportive and loving wife Sara.

To clarify our brand, we’ve decided to split our company into two separate entities. Speak Up Productions will remain the home for our documentaries and passion projects and we have big plans for the future including a web series and fictional narrative features.

Speak Up Studios is our familiar but new business. Speak Up Studios co-founder, Kyle Montgomery has been a friend of mine for nearly 30 years and the producer on most of the client work done under the Speak Up Productions brand alongside our incredible bench of freelancers. As a team, our mission is to serve our client’s by “Creating video content for a purpose, from conception to completion”.

Our hope for Speak Up Studios ( is to highlight the collective impact happening in St. Louis and beyond. If you have enjoyed the work that we have done in the past and know of a cause you think would benefit from our talents, please help in spreading the word about Speak Up Studios. Much of our work outside of documentaries has been for fundraiser, promotional, explainer or motion graphic videos. We’d love to help with new creative ideas for the way your corporation does philanthropy or your social entrepreneurship creates an impact. Speak Up Studios wants to take our heart for social change evident in our documentaries and serve your organization, small business, ministry, or cause with that same passion.


Dan Parris

Founder of Speak Up Productions